Stop Comparing Every New Restaurant to Momofuku

When Kenny Lao of Rickshaw Dumpling Bar told us he was adding a braised-pork-belly bun to the menu (describing buns as "essentially dumplings but part of the larger dim sum family" --  sounds pretty routine!), we weren't surprised to see Eater pick up the item and describe the bun as "Momo'-like." Fair enough. But months ago, UrbanDaddy described Bar Q's spit-roasted pork belly as "Momofuku-esque." They can't both be Momofuku-like, can they?

UrbanDaddy is definitely the worst offender here. The site recently described Inakaya as "Momofuku Ko meets Medieval Times," and before that, Ed's Lobster Bar as "Momofuku meets Cape Cod." Soba Totto was said to have a "Momofuku-style bar" (as if noodle bars never existed before Momofuku), and the chef at Desnuda was said to double as a bartender "Momofuku Ko-style."

How to describe Sasha Petraske's return to the bar? "A Momofuku Ko-type move," obviously. And don't even get us started on UrbanDaddy's recent, which describes a new Lower East Side gastropub, Clerkenwell, as "Spotted Pig-lite."

Enough already! It's getting Momo-notonous!

By the way, here are the Dumpling Truck's new items:

Braised Pork Slider
Braised Pork Belly with Chinese Barbeque Sauce and Asian Cabbage Slaw.
Served on a steamed mantou bun. The braised meat is both sweet and savory with a hint of honey and five spice.
Two for $6.

Bulgogi Beef Bun
Sauteed patty of ground beef seasoned with sesame seeds, garlic, onions, and soy sauce. Topped with Gochu Jang chile paste and garnished with pickled carrot, bean sprout, and scallion.
Served on a steamed mantou bun.
Two for $6.

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