Odd Future Plays Highline Tonight, Day After Starting Boston “Riot”

It’s been a banner week for hip hop and cable news shows.

A few days ago, New Jersey cops and political pundits were sent atwitter over Common’s appearance at a White House poetry event and yesterday, local news networks in Boston covered a “riot” on Newbury Street caused by the collective Odd Future.

While the situation was slightly blown out of proportion by the local news outlets, it did appear to be a bit scary at its peak. The event was an autograph signing at the Boston indie records store Newbury Comics for the backbone of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, Tyler, the Creator whose new album Goblin (XL Recordings) was released on May 10.

The crowd of “hundreds” grew unruly when they were told that in order to gain entry to the event, autograph seekers needed a wristband that was given out earlier in the day. As the crowd and the mayhem swelled, Newbury Comics and local police decided to cancel the event.

The minor chaos hit a fever pitch when a couple Odd Future members took to the roof and began shouting obscenities at the masses. Check out the video below:

Following the stunt on the roof, the police broke up the crowd and in the process, arrested a 13-year old for disorderly conduct. An officer was also hospitalized after slipping and hurting his back.

The traveling circus known as Odd Future pulls into Manhattan this evening for a long sold-out show at the Highline Ballroom. We expect the energy levels to be dangerously high and kids to be going completely ape, meaning we expect an epic show.

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