Willets Point Fight Births Another Blog

A new blog has popped up out of the ruckus surrounding the proposed redevelopment at Willets Point in Queens, the Iron Triangle Tracker, put up by Times-Ledger reporter Stephen Stirling.

From the site:

"Iron Triangle Tracker will feature profiles and up-to-the-minute news covering every facet and every opinion of the proposed project in hopes of generating a meaningful and intelligent discussion."

It's the second such blog (that we know of) to emerge specifically about the topic, the first being the pro-Bloomberg plan Develop Willets Point site, run by legislative staffer Chris McShane. (The landowners also have an active site.)

With two months until the project is due to get its make-or-break vote from the City Council, the issue has yet to have the same level of blogospheric contagion as did the Atlantic Yards plan, which spawned a slew of sitesmany of them still active.

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