What You May Have Missed From Us …

We're back at full-steam. But here's what we had during the past week or so:

Predictions, predictions. A rundown of what should happen in New York's residential and commercial real estate markets in 2009. Find out where the apartment market's headed, the office-leasing situation come next fall, and why investment sales will continue to sputter.

Here's one re: housing:

Bonus trend watch: foreign buyers. At one point in 2008, it was estimated that foreigners made up as much as one-quarter to one-third of Manhattan new-development buyers. That estimate’s surely a peak. Europe and East Asia are in the grips of their own recessions, and, while the likes of Russian oligarchs and Arab sheikhs may still be able to buy big at the Plaza, most foreigners will join most Americans in sitting out the housing market for a while.

Suite, suite Jane. It's the whole shebang regarding the development and the opening of the Jane Hotel, complete with analysis of the impact on the industry of another boutique opening in a down market and protest scenes from outside the Waverly Inn.  read more »

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