What a Gas! Texas Mogul Streams $4.3 M. to Moby and Pals for Stuy Square Spread

There are certain things about Moby—his nonthreatening electronic music, his bald and bespectacled whiteness, his cutely named old tea shop on Rivington Street, his pro-vegan, pro-Tibet, pro-environment advocacy work—that makes one think he doesn’t take kindly to Houston oil or gas moguls.

The kind of person who, in interviews, produces sentences like “The primary cause of deforestation in the third world is to create grazing land for cattle. Then there’s the amount of waste that is produced by factory farming” is also the kind of person who wouldn’t want to sell a massive East Village sprawl with 23-foot-high stenciled ceilings to an NFL co-owner and natural gas options broker.  read more »

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