The Round-Up: Wednesday

Federal Reserve rescues A.I.G. with a record-setting $85 billion bailout. [NY Times]

Black-car chauffeurs hit first and hardest by Wall Street aftershock. [NY Times]

Wall Street’s famed “Charging Bull” now a symbol of irony, not potency. [NY Times]

NYC and the Yanks may have broken the law when they built the team’s new stadium with $943 million in tax-exempt bonds. [NY Times]

West side dialysis center shuttered over health-code violations. [NY Times]

What $550,000 gets you. [NY Times]

Hoping to close its budget gap, MTA asks members of the NYPD and the Fire Department to pay bridge and tunnel tolls. [NYDN]

Wall Street crisis could result in higher property taxes for New Yorkers.  read more »

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