The Round-Up: Tuesday

Records show NYC was misled into a hiring a shady contractor to demolish the Deutsche Bank building. [NY Times]

The loss of all those six-figure Wall Street salaries will effect New Yorkers far beyond the Financial District. [NY Times]

Bloomberg’s personal ties to Wall Street assured him a rule in the resolution of this weekend’s crisis. [NY Times]

Organization to celebrate the centennials of NYC bridges over the next few years. [NY Times]

OSHA issues citations and a proposed $220,000 fine to the company responsible for March’s crane collapse. [NY Times]

City to use giant jackhammer—not explosives—to access a water tunnel under the Jerome Park Reservoir. [NYDN]

Bronx made huge gains in private sector jobs over the last decade. [NYDN]

Bronx community board fights plan to build a 374-foot-high tower in Morris Park. [NYDN]

Move to grant landmark status to Ridgewood flats. [NYDN]

Queens considers a pilot project kicking off in Manhattan next month that would raise parking meter rates during rush hour. [NYDN]

Water fountains to return to Unisphere next summer. [NYDN]

Realty Check: The effect of Lehman et al on NYC real estate. [NY Post]

Paterson predicts $1 billion in state revenue losses stemming from Wall Street crisis. [NY Post]

Officials suggest that MTA buy two East River bridges from the city and charge tolls to raise much-needed cash. [NY Post]

As vacant office space floods Manhattan after Lehman’s and Merrill Lynch’s collapse, the city’s commercial real estate market is expected to weaken even further. [NY Sun]

Barclays currently in talk with Lehman to buy portions of the dying investment firm. [WSJ]

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