The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

As Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley--the country's last independent investment banks--become bank holding companies, the Gilded Age comes to an end. [NY Times]

An alien landscape uncovered under the World Trade Center. [NY Times]

MTA to expand successful service improvement "experiment" throughout subway system. [NY Times]

Bush administration proposes $700 billion bailout of distressed financial institutions. [NY Times]

While it should be a buyer's market it Manhattan, home-seekers are meeting tougher mortgage requirements. [NY Times]

For brokers, Wall Street crisis means more finicky buyers. [NY Times]

Condos use fancy technology to lure hesitant buyers. [NY Times]

A $50 million apartment and a royal scandal at the Pierre Hotel. [NY Times]

Harlem struggles against Wall Street's riptide. [NY Times]

Jersey City--known to some as "Wall Street West"--looks for a silver lining. [NY Times]

A Long Island town goes too green, too fast. [NY Times]

Cuomo to investigate if pensions and disability benefits were "manipulated" by L.I.R.R. employees. [NY Times]

Nearly every L.I.R.R. employee who has retired in the last decade has become "disabled," costing tax-payers a quarter of a billion dollars since 2000. [NY Times]

Is NYC's economy diverse enough to survive Wall Street's implosion? [NY Times]

Two gas stations hold out against Columbia's expansion plans. [NY Times]

MTA's bus fuel costs balloon to $26 million. [NYDN]

Brooklynites crave Trader Joe's Friday grand opening. [NYDN]

Queens truck driver wins $500,000 settlement against abusive landlady. [NYDN]

With a crucial vote on Willets Point looming in November, the city ramps up the pressure on Queens politicians. [NYDN]

Olafur Eliasson's waterfalls still a big draw. [NYDN]

Luxury living blossoms in Brooklyn. [NYDN]

Advocates call for more bike lanes in Queens. [NYDN]

Design proposals arrive for a sprawling new West Side boulevard. [NY Post]

As their company falls, Lehman execs to get big payouts. [NY Post]

Rangel may lose his rent-stabilized apartment. [NY Post]

Collapse of Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and A.I.G. takes a $231 million bite out of NYC's pension system. [NY Sun]

A bomb scare at Newark Airport. [NY Sun]

Congress battles over Bush's proposed $700 billion bailout. [WSJ]

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