The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

The Housing Authority’s reputation is tested after a series of fatal accidents at city apartment complexes. [NY Times]

Olafur Eliasson’s controversial Waterfalls exhibit to be shut down today. [NY Times]

With sellers providing increasingly tantalizing incentives for hopeful homeowners, NYC transforms itself into a buyer’s market. [NY Times]

…Even while a select few sellers are able to spark old-fashioned bidding wars. [NY Times]

Carnarsie struggles under the increasing weight of the subprime-mortgage crisis. [NY Times]

Home prices may be falling, but “décor-speak” continues its precipitous rise. [NY Times]

Connecticut’s court-based mediation program help clients navigate their way through the twists and turns of the dismal foreclosure process. [NY Times]

In Long Island, opulent homes stranded in increasingly commercialized areas are being converted into office space. [NY Times]

A major Jersey City public housing project is slated for demolition. [NY Times]

Faulty elevator in a Brooklyn housing project my have contributed to an infant’s death. [NY Times]

With the economy in disarray, shoppers think twice before whipping out their credit cards. [NY Times]

Battered by the economy, a famed West Village lesbian bar carries on. [NY Times]

A crucial ferry service for South Williamsburg residents remains in jeopardy. [NY Times]

Resident concerns grow over a rash of new Northeast Bronx homes with mentally disabled occupants. [NY Times]

Chinatown frustrated with the city’s plans to build a high-tech police command center along Park Row. [NY Times]

Forest Hills officials create zoning restrictions to preserve the neighborhood’s small-town feel. [NYDN]

Newburgh—a small town 70 miles north of NYC—struggles to re-invent itself as a residential hotspot with prime waterfront properties. [NYDN]

Queens man dies from burns suffered from a still-unexplained explosion at his Flushing apartment. [NYDN]

Chelsea apartment fire kills three children and their parents. [NYDN]

The Closer: 173 MacDougal is a preservationist’s dream condo; star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten to run restaurant at the Mark Hotel and Residences; local real estate firm makes the NYC-Philly connection a priority. [NYDN]

How the financial crisis affects the city’s small-time loan sharks. [NY Post]

The rise and drug-addled fall of Eric Hadar—the real estate tycoon responsible for 2001’s landmark Citigroup Center deal. [NY Post]

With traditional loans harder to get than ever these days, owner-financed mortgages are often the best way to go. [WSJ]

U.S. and world stock markets rally today, as governments around the world vowed to commit significant funds to prop up the crippled banking system. [WSJ]

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