The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

What crash? Wannabe real estate moguls still packing the classrooms. [NY Times]

Welcome to Corona, where the real estate may have wheels. [NY Times]

The mortgage is due. Do you know where your financial data is? [NY Times]

Condo-hunting from Brooklyn to New Jersey, for keeps. [NY Times]

First the bankers, now the business folk, dumping the real estate relics of a better time. [NY Times]

Sting decides he didn't need that extra duplex after all. [NY Times]

Hot new trend: Hotel rooms as film sets. [NY Times]

Tanking company throws apartment into tanking market. [NY Times]

"The time has come to shed the term Ground Zero," as tunnel finishes up. [NYDN]

City economists on city economy: change is coming! (Maybe) [NY Times]

Rent regulation report puts one-40th rule (and violators) on notice. [NY Times]

Back in New York, Donovan tells of first days in D.C. [NY Times]

Meet your new housing chief: Rafael Cestero. [GlobeSt]

Mortgage plan drops Wednesday; as much as $50 billion in the offing. [WSJ]

Hamptons real estate sinking--literally. [NY Post]

Bernanke's childhood home sold in foreclosure sale. [WSJ]

Trump in trouble over Atlantic City casino. [WSJ]

Fannie, Freddie give foreclosure moratorium another few weeks. [WSJ]

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