The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Bush’s bailout plan finally heads to Congress where stiff resistance is expected. [NY Times]

The city may sell a tiny, little-known street in the East Village—known as Extra Place—to developer Avalon Bay. [NY Times]

Violence ripples across three boroughs. [NY Times]

In these uncertain times, developers resort to creative strategies—including bus tours and fashion shows—to lure wealthy clients to Manhattan’s luxury property market. [NY Times]

A Pittsburgh non-profit spreads the “deconstruction” gospel: it’s about recycling homes brick by brick, not shoving them into landfills. [NY Times]

The McMansion’s glory days in New Jersey may be over. [NY Times]

Long Island struggles to turn a treasured Victorian-era Episcopal school building into luxury rentals. [NY Times]

Buyers scared off by the Plaza’s “fishbowl atmosphere.” [NY Times]

Maryland couple holds raffle to sell their home, saving it from foreclosure. [NY Times]

How Wall Street’s crisis affects the lives of six different New Yorkers. [NY Times]

MTA’s new double-decker busses a big hit for commuters during trial run. [NY Times]

NYU students guilty about living in the university’s new luxury dorms. [NY Times]

Bay Ridge residents fight to save church, while its own congregants would rather see it demolished. [NY Times]

Tenants suing Brooklyn landlord for leaving a bag of dead cats in their building. [NYDN]

Credit crisis wrecks havoc with real estate deals in NYC’s outlying neighborhoods. [NYDN]

Critically acclaimed one-man play about gentrification in Williamsburg gets a free trail run in… Williamsburg. [NYDN]

After the death of a six-year-old at a dangerous intersection in East Flatbush, residents demand slower traffic regulations. [NYDN]

Queens native Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan’s brash CEO, scores again with WaMu buyout. [NYDN]

Cyclist responsible for leaving Bangladeshi pedestrian brain dead won’t face charges. [NYDN]

Rangel still hasn’t moved out of his rent-stabilized apartment months after he admitted wrongly converting it into a campaign office. [NY Post]

Shutting down the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. would save New Yorkers $5 million a year. [NY Post]

Bloomberg lashes out against do-nothing street fairs. [NY Post]

Port Authority spending $300K on a team of non-profit psychologists to monitor construction workers at Ground Zero. [NY Post]

City schools may not be insulated from Bloomberg’s proposed budget cuts. [NY Sun]

As the city’s bed bugs multiply, New York (like San Francisco and Boston) consider stricter protocols for dealing with infestations. [NY Sun]

Wall Street crisis speeds nationwide downtown in luxury home market. [WSJ]

MoMA’s prefabricated homes hit the market; Andy Warhol’s UES townhouse fails to sell after price cut. [WSJ]

Wachovia seeks buyer as its shares fell 27 percent on Friday. [WSJ]

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