The Afternoon Wrap: Thursday

One day our grandchildren will ask what the 2000s New York City high-end real estate bubble looked like, and we will shown them this, thanks to Lev Leviev. [Curbed]

The Port Authority says the World Trade Center is coming along just great. Seriously. [GlobeSt]

The Z train's not really dead, but today someone said, "Yea, though the Z walks through the valley of the shadow of death, it will fear no M.T.A. plan: For thou art with the Z." [CityRoom]

A special place in hell: foreclosure swindlers. [NY Times]

Take a delirious tour of Koolhaas' delirious 23 East 22nd. [TRD]

Andrea Soros Colombel took $1 million off the price of her townhouse, which probably doesn't matter much to someone named Soros. [Cityfile]

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