Harrison LeFrak on Barack Obama

Real estate scion Harrison LeFrak (he of the family that's No. 78 on the latest Forbes list of America's 400 richest people) had some choice words earlier this week for why he's donated so much to John McCain's presidential campaign. Here's what Mr. LeFrak told my colleague Dana Rubinstein:

“Obama will create a very, very high, socialist, European-style rate of taxation that will kill the New York City economy. And people say he will heal America’s image in other countries. Maybe he will in Belgium, because Europeans like him. But, tell me, which of America’s enemies is afraid of Barack Obama? … What’s he going to do, take his gavel and come after Osama bin Laden? Is oratory going to be his weapon that he uses to defend the country?”

To be fair, a lot of New York real estate heavies are backing Mr.  read more »

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