Fourth Avenue, Gowanus–Something to Tell the Grandkids

"I don't think we live in Park Slope," my roommate said to me one evening, sitting at the kitchen table in our new walk-up. "I think we live in Go-anus. I don't even know how you pronounce that."

My roommates and I had recently moved into a three-bedroom near Fourth Avenue, assuming we'd entered the land of baby strollers and Tea Loungers. (After all, Fifth Avenue is one block away.) But our address--on the northwest side of the mini-highway--puts us outside Park Slope's boundaries and firmly in Gowanus.

At least for now.

Park Slope is growing, spreading not only further south but also further west, into an industrial area which looks nothing like the boutiques-and-brownstones district closer to Prospect Park.  read more »

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