Dolly Lenz Pic of The Month: Middle Finger in Air, Blackberry in Hand!

Dolly Lenz, the only New York City broker with a Blackberry ad, $748,319,000 in yearly sales (though that was 2006, to be fair), and a sworn indifference to dominating top-broker award ceremonies, appears a bit more than halfway through David Patrick Columbia's famous social diary today.

"I started out the evening at a cocktail reception at the penthouse apartment of Ann Ziff who was hosting it with Thomas Renyi (as Committee Chairs) and Cheryl and Philip Milstein (as Dinner Chairs) for 'Lincoln Center’s Night of Dinners Celebrating Fifth Years,'" Mr. Columbia wrote. It isn't clear if Ms. Lenz spends every night in the company of such excellent surnames, but she's center and smiling in a big photograph with Ms.  read more »

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