City Wants To Mandate Bike Parking in New Buildings

The Bloomberg administration wants to require parking for bicycles in new buildings citywide, mandating all large new office and apartment developments to set aside space. The initiative, which could face resistance from the real estate industry, is slated to enter a seven-month public approval process today.

The Department of City Planning is spearheading the effort, which takes the form of a zoning change mandating the new parking regulations (details in the press release here). Based on the city’s planned zoning changes, large office buildings would need to set aside one bicycle spot for every 7,500 square feet of office space (meaning a building the size of the 1.2 million-square-foot Chrysler Building would need about 150 bicycle parking spaces). Residential buildings with more than 10 apartments would need to make bicycle parking spaces for 50 percent of the units.  read more »

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