Brooklyn, The Borough: Artists Assume Their Position Amid Crisis

When the Dow plummeted on Monday after Congress failed to pass a bailout for Wall Street's many woes, Brooklyn's creative class was already bracing itself. A downturn at the top of the food chain can't bode well for those closer to the bottom, like the plethora of visual and performing artists that reside here.

"It's just a drag," said Karen Brooks Hopkins, the president of the Brooklyn Academy of Music, whose fall season opens this week. "What I feel bad about is that the arts organizations, the cultural organizations, have finally recovered from 9/11, and now this.

"So it's hard, you know, but I also feel that New York City has got an edge because of its cultural life," she continued with a bit more cheer, "and the cultural institutions provide a tremendous return for a very small investment.  read more »

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