At Interior Design Panel, Second Thoughts on $22K Basket

Margaret Russell, Elle Décor’s editor-in-chief, is so over the $22,000 picnic basket.

Several months ago, she said, her magazine ran an item about just such a high-end weave. “I would never dream about doing that now,” Ms. Russell said. “It just seems vulgar, and vulgar is not a word I want to associate with our magazine.

“Everyone’s staying home and feeling very pro-American now,” she added. If you have to splurge, she suggests quilts: “things that really feel right, and humble in a good way.”

Ms. Russell moderated an Elle Décor-sponsored interior design panel on Monday evening at the Pratt House. The evening was partly planned to honor Savannah College of Art and Design president Paula Wallace as the recipient of Elle Décor’s first “Women in Design” award.

Otherwise, in Ms. Russell’s own effusion, it was more like The View, complete with five women around a coffee table.  read more »

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