NYTimes Reviews “Ballet Aerobics” Workout Figure 4

Three months ago, Dori was one of the first to review the Figure 4 barre class at Pure Yoga; the New York Times now gets in on the action, checking out the ballet aerobics exercise aimed at leaning out and toning women's bodies.

The reporter, Karen Barrow, says in her video report that the hour of class was "jam-packed": "We did a lot more than I thought you could," she says.

She especially seems to appreciate instructor Kate Albarelli's constant monitoring of her students' forms in Figure 4, which observation of Albarelli's "engaging teaching style."

Barrow adds, "I can totally see how this can be addicting, because I'm sure you see results pretty fast, because I feel soreness in muscles that I thought I worked out in other ways, but clearly I don't work them out enough. I can see how class can be really effective."

Check out Barrow's review of Figure 4 at NYTimes.com.

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