NYT Ferrets Out McCain-Palin Sleeper Cell in Park Slope

Red-state anomalies horrify neighbors who are too weighted-down with Obama buttons to react

This is good. According to a NYT article,Park Slope, that tony enclave often maligned by outsiders as the Stroller Capital of America for its prodigious breeding output (and devotion to high-end telescopic ergo-wheelies) is apparently harboring four - count 'em, FOUR - McCain supporters. We say "harboring" because the Times article makes it sound like they're a sleeper cell, instead of a few Americans who are exercising their right to voter choice. Sez the NYT: "this block of 11th Street off Fifth Avenue is as red as a hot patch of East Texas." (That's right, they're all on the same block, making us think of that old saw about women who hang around each other starting to menstruate in sync.)

One of the four had to go all the way to New Jersey to pick up his McCain-Palin signs (that's commitment, kids), while Betty Donohue, 73, is quoted as saying she'd "wear a McCain T-shirt if she knew where to find one." Apparently not at Brooklyn Industries. They also quote Betty recalling that "A couple of people said to me, 'You better be careful, putting that up.' " Or… what, exactly? They'll pelt you with organic muesli?

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