YSL Beauté Accused of Discrimination; Peanut M&M's Kill Allure of Perfume

Dame Edna

• An ex–YSL Beauté makeup artist is suing the company. He claims he was fired when a heart condition hindered his travel schedule. [WWD]

• M.A.C's new spokesperson. Dame Edna. on her beauty routine: "I sellotape whole tins of sardines to my face at night, attach two squeezed lemon rinds to my armadillo-skinned elbows and put cucumber on my eyes. By the time I'm finished, I look like a fruit salad with added fish … In the morning, the pillow is pretty much a write-off." [Telegraph]

• Here's a list of deals on drugstore makeup. Recession chic blah blah… [Blogdorf Goodman]

• Apparently a peanut M&M — a peanut M&M — will "completely reverse the alluring effect of any perfume/cologne you might have on." What? [Lucky Beauty Blog]

• Admit it, you're not really doing any work right now because everyone knows today is an unofficial between-holidays holiday. So you may as well look at a slideshow of Beyoncé's 2008 hair evolution. [BellaSugar]

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