Your Funny Neighborhood Butcher, Tom Mylan

Meat accessories are just the beginning.

We can see how Marlow & Daughters butcher Tom Mylan has accumulated a few groupies in our meat-crazed city after reading his answers to a Q&A on Serious Eats today. Mylan garners respect for championing locally raised meat and wasting little when taking down a whole animal, but the guy's also a character. He gets restaurant advice from Roebling Tea Room chef Dennis Spina: "I ask him where I should go and he tells me to go fuck myself. Not true. He has a sensitive palate and a low tolerance for bullshit." In a bit of self-promotion, Mylan calls his favorite burger the "black-and-blue cheeseburger at Diner" — where, coincidentally, he grinds the beef. "I'd rather have a rare burger than a steak. Steaks are for stupid people." And while Mylan might be an apostle for burger madness, those touting the offal trend should keep in mind the one food he won't eat: "Offal of dubious origin. Kidneys, livers, etc. are literally piss and blood filters so I want to know how that animal was raised before I put a piece of its toxin-catcher in my mouth." Amen.

Meet & Eat: Tom Mylan, Marlow & Daughters [Serious Eats]

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