Who Wants to Buy a Model?


You can't invest in stocks anymore. Real estate? Forget it. Right about now, your mattress is the only place you can stash your cash. What's a savvy investor to do? Sponsor a model, of course! Beauty Holding, a new Website full of ladies in need, lets you put your money to good use.

Here's how it works: You "invest" in a model, and, much like a company, you'll have stake in her earnings next year. According to Beauty Holding's Website, "It has never been more simple for any girl or boy to get noticed worldwide and grace the covers of the glossiest fashion mags!" We beg to differ on that. Thousands of new girls try to make it each year, and yet, how many faces do you recognize?

But wait, you simply must read the how-to on the site.

Buy one, two or hundreds of $takes (1 $take = 1 U.S. dollar) in order to help your chosen Model become a Golden Beauty. The Model will reach that status when all 10,000 of the $takes have been bought by her Sponsors. Before your chosen Model becomes a Golden Beauty, you will be able to sell your $takes at any moment. In addition, you will always retain the right to obtain refund.

To which we ask: Is this real? Alas, seems like it. Is anyone surprised that all the top sponsors are European men?

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