Whitney Port Fake-Works at Diane Von Furstenberg Amid Layoffs

A promo shot helpfully contextualized with a yellow cab.

As if we needed to remind you, Whitney Port's Hills spinoff, The City, premieres tonight on MTV. Lest the magic of television fool you, "Page Six" asserts Port's job in public relations at Diane Von Furstenberg's office isn't actually — wait for it — a real job. Shocking, confounding, deceptive — we are farklempt.

[O]ne source tells us, "She doesn't really work. She is hardly ever in the office." Those who do work for von Furstenberg, however, are in the office daily and "can't get their work done because MTV tells them they can't move any thing at their work stations. They do so many reshoots that everything has to look exactly the same every day."

We have also heard that having the camera crews in the office while paparazzi stalk Port and her greasy suitors outside the office created chaotic circumstances for the actual staff. Moreover, we caught Port's co-star, socialite Olivia Palermo, at September Fashion Week in the thick of The City's shooting period at the Carlos Miele show, which took place at 3 p.m. on a Wednesday. Besides, everyone knows whatever not-even-glittering generalities Port managed to utter at her "interview" with a real DVF executive never would have landed her a position there. We wonder if Whitney got paid for her "work" at the label, as she did when she worked for Kelly Cutrone at People's Revolution. Because we hear the company has just laid off a handful of people, including in the PR department. If this is going to be as great a marketing opportunity for the house as it seems, couldn't they have held on to one or two of those employees? It would be really tragic if Port and Palermo — two girls anything but in need of financial means — are replacing them.

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