When Will Sarah Palin's Clothes Go to Charity?

Lookin' sharp, sister!
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Any day now, Sarah Palin's designer clothes could go to charity. She acknowledged the clothes weren't hers weeks ago, and that this has been the McCain campaign's plan all along — right? Now that the campaign's over, she could unload them any second! Perhaps she'll auction them and then give the money to charity. Or maybe she'll cart them down to her local Goodwill. Opportunities to donate abound! So maybe she's holding on to them a little longer because she's having trouble kissing their sweet, sweet designer-ness goodbye. Understandable — we would, too. But that might only be part of the donation delay. According to the New York Times, McCain's advisers said the campaign was "incredulous" about the massive clothing bill. Also, Republican National Committee lawyers will probably go to Alaska "to conduct an inventory and try to account for all that was spent."

As Newsweek reported yesterday, and the Times reiterates, the campaign was alarmed by the clothing budget. Senior McCain aide Nicolle Wallace reportedly told Palin to purchase three suits for the Republican National Convention and three more new suits for the fall campaign. They expected Palin to spend around $20,000 to $25,000 on clothes. But then she went off and got clothes for herself and her family, and luggage, and jewelry. So yeah, it's a shame this bounty of fine things can't go to charity right away, and that the Republican National Committee has to spend time and money going to Moose Country in the winter to figure this mess out. But at least in the meantime Sarah Palin can still look snappy.

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