What Will Michelle Obama Wear to the Balls?!

After months of speculating, the hour has finally almost arrived. In mere minutes, shadowy footage of Michelle Obama walking to her car in her inaugural ballgown will surface. Just the thought is giving us heart palpitations. Honestly, we might die when we see her, so we can't imagine how the designer she chooses will survive this historic night. So, who could it be? As of Friday, Michelle had not yet made a decision, her spokeswoman told WWD. She was busy moving her kids and life into the White House, so fashion took a backseat. Another source said that as of Friday Michelle had narrowed it down to three choices, but she might not even have decided until this morning. What if, as we type, she hasn't decided?! Sources say Michelle's choices all funnel through the Ikram boutique in Chicago, where she bought a Thakoon coat and dress that were thought to have been intended for the Inaugural ceremony today. They obviously weren't — are they for tonight? Tracy Reese and Kai Milla also submitted Inauguration Day options.

So we, along with the rest of the world, have no idea what she'll wear! It could be Thakoon, Maria Pinto, Narciso Rodriguez, Jason Wu — all we can say with any certainty is that it will probably be an American designer. Oh we are verklempt!

Michelle Obama: A Woman of Substance [WWD]

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