What ‘Top Chef' Will Shill This Season

Photo: Courtesy of Campbell's Soup

Expect to see Top Chef challenges incorporating Campbell's soup, Diet Dr Pepper, and the “Quaker family of products,” this season. Ad Age reports that the show’s producers have veto power on product placement and that no challenges will repeat from previous seasons. But if you have a soft spot for Gladware, don’t fret. Clorox (Glad’s parent), Toyota, and (a smaller-staffed) Food & Wine Magazine will still be crowding the Top Chef kitchen. In the first half of 2008, Top Chef was ranked third on cable for the most instances of product placement. Now there are even more opportunities to shill. We predict: Dr Pepper tacos or reinventing the casserole.

How 'Top Chef' Cooks Up Fresh Integrations [Madison + Vine/Ad Age]

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