What to Believe About Jeremy Piven's Sushi Sickness?

The Food Section points out that while some are dubious that Jeremy Piven’s health problems stemmed from sushi (the FDA and EPA advisory applies mainly to women who are or might become pregnant, nursing mothers, and young children), it seems Piven was exceeding the EPA’s recommended dosage of mercury by about fifteen times (As Vulture points out, Piven’s doc said six times the healthy amount). David Mamet quipped that Piven is leaving the stage to pursue life as a thermometer, but where does the Piv go from here? Perhaps he’ll follow the example of fellow celeb Daphne Zuniga, the Beautiful People and Melrose Place actress who, according to ABC News, quit eating seafood after a string of sushi meals caused her to break out in a rash.

[Zuniga] also embarked on treatment to rid her body of the mercury. Her doctor gave her regular chelation injections, which helps the body excrete heavy metals through urine. She also took supplements she found at the health food store that contain natural chelating ingredients. [It's important to note, however, that taking chelating supplements on your own and not under a doctor's care can be dangerous.]

Six months later, her symptoms of cramping and tingling were gone. Her mind was much clearer and her mood had improved.

Zuniga still drinks shakes with protein powder that contains glutathione, a protein that binds to toxins like mercury and helps the body get rid of them.

Meanwhile, according to the Washington Post, a recent study shows that nutrients in fish can boost a child’s I.Q. by three points, and the FDA wants the federal government to amend its mercury advisory accordingly. Two people who are probably psyched about this: Jack Shafer, who challenged the Times’ alarming sushi mercury story back in January, and the owner of Takahachi, who distributed a letter to his customers also hoping to set the record straight. Who knows what to believe, but if you’re one to play it safe, remember that mercury-free sushi is readily available!

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