Weave Saves Woman's Life; Sienna Miller Is the Face of Boss Orange

Sienna Miller.

• A 20-year-old woman's weave stopped a speeding bullet from lodging in her head after her ex-boyfriend opened fire on her car in Kansas City. Incredible. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• Samantha Ronson responded to allegations that Lindsay Lohan pays $500 for her haircuts: "It doesn't cost $500 to cut my hair ... Have you seen my hair? I don't even have that many strands. If for some reason I decided that I was going to throw $500 away on a hair cut I would pay for it myself, however. I have a great exchange going with my hair dresser — I make him cds, he cuts my hair. Yay! Cheap and cheerful!" [MSNBC]

• Sienna Miller is the new face of Hugo Boss scent Boss Orange. Rachel Zoe will be glad it's not Boss Bananas. [Beauty Counter/Style.com]

• Rihanna and Lily Allen have the same tattoo, the word "Shhh ..." printed on their index fingers. But Rihanna got hers first. [Beauty Department/Glamour]

• The new colors from Nicole by O.P.I. are out. We like No Limits, a blackened-blue shade, but are not fans of Love Your Life, a glitter topcoat with heart sparkles. Richie Rich, forgive us. [e-Polish Blog]

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