We Want to Know How Fabulous (or Awkward) Your Wedding Was

We're feeling cheesy today.

Wedding planning never stops over at New York Magazine. You're jealous, we know. Except unlike your friends who are planning weddings and don't give a crap about your advice even though you just planned one, we'd love to hear from you! We're seeking input from those of you who have planned weddings in New York City for our upcoming summer wedding guide. Did you fire any bridesmaids who hemmed their dresses too short and looked slutty? What’s your stance on the “no ring, no bring” policy? Were the toasts at your wedding hilarious, humiliating, or both? Did you get it on after the reception? Or were you too wasted? Results from these one-part-voyeuristic, two-parts-advice-giving polls will be tallied, combined, and turned into an anonymous bride-and-groom-statistics page in the new issue of New York Weddings, hitting stands in mid-March. So please, reminisce in multiple-choice and open-ended answer format ASAP. Polls close February 25.

Here are the official poll links:
Brides, take this poll.
Grooms, take this poll.

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