Vivienne Westwood Wants to Write the Next Sex and the City Movie

Don't you just want to slap her a high five?

We pretty much know the Sex and the City sequel is a go. (We love the clothes, but does it feel too soon to revisit all that pink spangly hype to you, too?) Apparently Vivienne Westwood, who designed Carrie's wedding dress in the first movie, wants to write the script. She has reportedly written to the producers and called Sarah Jessica Parker to plead her case, marking another reason Parker is the luckiest girl on earth (see aforementioned clothes). A spokesman for Westwood said that the production company has yet to take her up on the offer.

We don't know what the producers and Parker are waiting for. First, we're not sure how one says no to Dame Vivienne freaking Westwood when she calls you personally. Second, we think this is a fantastic idea. Everyone knows the main draw of the movie is the clothes and it hardly matters what happens in the plot as long as there are some fun montages involving clothes and shopping and hot shirtless guys. Also, celebrities like Parker design clothes all the time. It's about time real designers cut in on their industries.

Vivienne Westwood plans Sex and the City sequel [Telegraph]

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