Video: Tyra Banks Gifts Gender-Reassignment Surgery, Turns on Clarke

Tyra Banks took a break from her never-ending quest to make all young women feel comfortable with their non-model figures to champion a cause that's somewhat newly close to her heart: making the world feel comfortable with transgender people. Yesterday she had her new pet, America's Next Top Model contestant Isis Tsunami, on her talk show. "The moment when I cast Isis as the first transgender finalist on America's Next Top Model was a truly powerful milestone," Tyra congratulated herself. She surprised Isis with the gift of gender-reassignment surgery from the nation's top gender-reassignment surgeon — one of the most staged surprises we've ever seen. But the part before that, where fellow finalist Clarke takes a seat on the couch to explain why Isis freaked her out so much on the show (she's Southern Baptist) was magnificent. Tyra proudly takes Isis's side and tells publicity-hungry Clarke she's a hypocrite for kissing Elina in the hot tub during truth or dare. "Clarke, why don't you just come out and say it's a really big double standard?" Tyra yells with a giant grin. Click through to watch.

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