Video: The Rehearsal for Gareth Pugh's Fall 2009 Film

Instead of a runway show, this season Gareth Pugh presented his fall 2009 collection in a haunting film shown to a modest audience in Paris. He tells Dazed Digital that he decided to do a film instead of a runway show because he didn't want to look "overly brash" by doing a big women's show on the heels of his first seminal men's show.

DD: You were conscious that people might judge you?
GP: I didn't think it was the right kind of mood. It was my first menswear show and it needed to be like a proper show and it was important for me to do that. For the womenswear it was more about taking it down to a different sort of level, trying to take away the shine or varnish of a show. It was much more about being realistic about things. With shows, it's sometimes nice to get away from something that I'm used to.

Still, he couldn't resist springing for a bed of dry ice above which to hang his film screen. Though Pugh loves girls like Karlie Kloss on the runway, he chose seasoned model Natasha Vojnovic to star in the film. Experienced girls are not afraid to do silly-seeming things in front of the camera, like flap their arms like a chicken in a coat puffed up by a fan. See Natasha perfect her Pugh dance in the behind-the-scenes video.

Gareth Pugh: Inverting Fashion Formulae [Dazed Digital]

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