Video: CNN's Carine Roitfeld Special, Featuring Barnyard Animals and Couture

CNN's one-hour special on Carine Roitfeld is playing on a somewhat infuriating schedule. It premiered at 4:30 a.m. EST today, when you were either sleeping or drunk out of your shamrock-addled mind, but people in Europe were having their morning croissants. You can catch the show on television this afternoon or on Saturday, or you can watch a good chunk of it online now. Like a normal person.

From what we can see, the program is only slightly revealing, perhaps in part because it seems to serve as Fashion 101 for CNN viewers more concerned with Barack's latest piece of legislation than Michelle's choice of belt (to think!). Carine explains what French Vogue is and talks a lot about being a family person (snooze). We see her go around New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, and every montage — including that of the Chanel couture show — is set to 12-year-old upbeat lounge techno that might catch the attention of a regular Access Hollywood viewer.

In the clip after the jump, Carine does a couture shoot with Patrick Demarchelier and barnyard animals. After that, we see her go to the fashion shows. At one, Anna Wintour comes up to her and says, "Did you get my letter? You understand?" Interesting. We see Kanye West exit the Yves Saint Laurent show. Even more interesting. And Carine says in a year she'll probably have a new gig. Positively thrilling! Take seven minutes and watch!

Embedded video from CNN Video

Carine Roitfeld Revealed [CNN]

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