Video: Carla Bruni's U.S. Press Blitz

French First Lady Carla Bruni is in the midst of a U.S. press tour to promote her new album, Comme si de rien n’était (As If Nothing Happened). You're probably thinking just what Matt Lauer was thinking when she went on the Today show this morning: Isn't it weird for a First Lady to go on a press tour to promote (gasp) an album? Unexpected, yes. Weird, no. "At the beginning I got worried that people might take it wrong because they’re not used to it," Carla said, explaining that when she met her husband a year ago, the album was already written and she didn't want to cancel her plans to record it. "For a woman these days, I think it’s important to have a job and to keep it. Not that I’m such a feminist, but you know." We know: You are such a feminist, Bruni-Sarkozy. It doesn't have to be a dirty word. Last night Carla went on Letterman and talked about her first date with Sarkozy and meeting the Queen of England and the Pope. Click through to watch.

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