Union Picnic Partners Bring L.A.-Style Hot Dogs to Greenpoint

Ed Bode and Suzie O’Brien, partners in bygone Union Picnic, took over Greenpoint’s Cup O’ Joe’s a week ago and plan to revamp it significantly. Bode, who grew up nearby on Humboldt Street before becoming a chef de cuisine at Florent and also working at Bruno Jamais, tells us he’s already grilling up cheesesteaks, pressed sandwiches, roast-beef hash, and hot dogs inspired by Pink’s of Hollywood. O’Brien, who also opened Bean, will be in charge of baked goods (pies, cookies, cakes). “We’re going to be feeding the park,” Bode says. Which means he’ll soon add picnic baskets to his current breakfast program of Bagelsmith bagels and (coming soon) custom-blended Porto Rico coffee.

Meanwhile, across McGolrick Park, we’re told that the Sunview Luncheonette (better known as B’s, after its doting matron) never bounced back from a run-in with the Health Department. Lost City recently mourned the sixties soda fountain, and rightly so. The longtime owners didn’t have the wherewithal or the tens of thousands of dollars it would’ve taken to bring the place up to city standards (and no doubt strip it of its anachronistic charm) — probably because they always kept prices mind-bogglingly low. We’re told B is still living in the building and using the kitchen as her personal stove.

Cup O’ Joe’s, 85 Driggs Ave., at Monitor St.; 718-288-0713

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