Trader Joe's to Trader John's: Oh No You Didn't

File under “saw it coming,” but Trader Joe’s is suing Gristedes, the company that, it turns out, is behind the mysterious Trader John’s opening just three blocks away. Hilariously, the 51-page lawsuit quotes blog commenters who call the copycat location’s former incarnation “especially crappy” and “one of the filthiest of all the filthy, overpriced Gristedes.” Here’s the hilarious defense, from a spokesman: "John [Catsimatidis, owner of Gristedes] came up with the idea … His name is John, and he has been in trade all his life.” Come on, Johnny boy! Sell that, and whatever the hell you’re stocking the shelves with, to the tourists! Then again, if Gray’s Papaya and Papaya King can peacefully coexist…

Trader Invader [NYP]

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