Tomaso Aquilano Thinks American Women Are Obsessed With Picking People Up

Co-designer of 6267 and Gianfranco Ferré Tomaso Aquilano: "Today the Italian woman dresses worse than the American woman, but three out of a hundred Italian women dress really wonderfully. The Americans are dressed well but all look the same ... The Italian woman who wants to be sexy really lets you see it. She focuses more on her body, on showing it off. An American woman doesn’t show her body, but shows it in the way she dresses. She never wants to show that she is truly sexy, although in reality that’s what the American woman wants to be ... The Italian woman shows herself off, but in the end she’s not so obsessed with sex. The American woman, on the other hand, is obsessed with the idea that she might pick someone up. In Italy, women are not worried about not picking someone up." [Interview via Fashionista]

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