To FreshDirect or Not to FreshDirect? That Is the Question, in Park Slope

Courtesy of FreshDirect

FreshDirect is causing much (predictable) hand-wringing on the Park Slope parents message boards, but some kind souls e-mailed the threads to Gowanus Lounge. What first started as a query about appropriate tipping ($1 per box? $5 per delivery?) has evolved into a debate on the merits of FreshDirect delivery. Some arguments for: Shopping with a child at C-Town is horrible; quality of selection; time spent with family is better than time spent shopping. Arguments against: Wasteful packaging; noisy, dirty trucks; supporting unfair labor practices. Counterarguments: I don’t even drive, so shut up about my carbon footprint; I’m a good tipper, so piss off; etc. etc. Join the conversation! Talk trash about FreshDirect, Brooklyn, or Grups in our comments.

The Great Park Slope Fresh Direct War [Gowanus Lounge]

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