Thigh-High Boots: the No-Pants Solution?

Our crusade to get starlets to conform to the pants-wearing masses feels futile at times, but we shan't relent. Lady Gaga might not own a pair, for all we know, and Kate Moss has been wearing tights as pants for as long as it's taken us to develop new wrinkles. It must be a contagious affliction, for Lindsay Lohan was recently seen wandering about London wearing tights as pants. But Miuccia Prada has presented a possible solution: shoes that practically double as pants. These waders came down her fall 2009 runway yesterday (we saw similarly high boots at Rodarte this season). Maybe she foresees the melting of the polar ice caps. Maybe she foresaw today's snow storm. Maybe she's taken up fly fishing or duck hunting. Or maybe she wants the pantless among us to look somewhat less vulgar.

View a slideshow of Prada's entire fall 2009 collection.

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