Thierry Mugler Returns to Fashion to Make Beyoncé's Concert Clothes

Thierry Mugler has focused on making fragrances since he closed his couture line in 2003. But he plans to return to fashion for none other than metal-glove-waving, Gareth Pugh–wearing, ex-single-lady Beyoncé Knowles. Mugler won't just costume newly semi–avant garde Beyoncé in, according to WWD, "approximately 58" of his designs, but will also serve as "creative adviser." He'll direct three segments of the show — "Dangerously in Love," Ave Maria," and the finale — and help with choreography and lighting. Beyoncé fell in love with Mugler after viewing his work in the Costume Institute's "Superheroes" exhibit in May. Since then we've seen her in Mugler's motorcycle bustier (pictured) and metal glove, which also appeared in George Michael's "Too Funky" video, directed by Mugler. So are we in for a giant round of "Too Funky" part deux? Hey, 1992 was a great year. And we're thrilled to have Mugler back in action. But we get the feeling B and her handlers are just over-thinking all of this.

Beyonce [Hearts] Thierry [WWD]
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