The Transformative Power of Stefano Pilati's First Unisex Collection

A YSL suit from 1967.

Next month, Stefano Pilati will launch his first unisex collection for Yves Saint Laurent. It includes a men's and women's line, which a man and woman over at the Times of London tried on and took for a road test (jealous: population one blog). Of course, both loved wearing the suits, inspired by the iconic Le Smoking look St. Laurent introduced in the sixties. The male reporter, who only recently ditched his converse sneakers for a more grown-up look, writes:

The men’s silk shirts were so strong and simple, yet alluring and sensuous; the fishnet jumper clung in all the right places. Strutting down the street in our complementary suits, we were turning heads. I’d like to think it was as much for the high levels of confidence afforded us by the sharpness of our jackets as that we were essentially wearing the same things.

Modern androgynes don’t want to confuse gender identities, but draw the best qualities from both. And if that means a little guy-liner to really make my eyes pop, well, I’ll see you at the nearest beauty counter.

So these pieces not only inspired this guy to wear a fishnet jumper, but to write about it the way Plum Sykes might write about the $5,000 negligee she's road testing for her latest Vogue article. Yet he also writes, "I was feeling more manly than at any other time in my life." He probably drank cosmopolitans and everything that night.

Suits you, madam [Times of London]

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