Taylor Momsen Designing Clothes for Her Band's Tour, Ciara Wants Gareth Pugh for Hers

Jenny Humphrey Taylor Momsen’s fashion-design aspirations aren't just Gossip Girl fiction. Her band Pretty Reckless (she’s the singer/songwriter) will tour this May, and Momsen’s already putting a little elbow grease into her onstage wardrobe. “I’m actually designing all of my costumes. It’s a rock band, so there’s not costume changes but there’s definitely a look,” the Alexander Wang–clad Momsen told us at Nylon’s 10th Anniversary party at Thompson LES last night. Momsen said she's creating the clothes with designer Jen Kao and doesn't yet foresee starting her own line. “I only really design for myself. It’s really fun,” she said.

Another guest still undecided about her tour garb was Ciara, who hits the road with Britney Spears come June. She faces the added challenge all divas now face of not just coming up with a "look," but competing with rival Sasha Warrior Beyoncé Fierce’s Thierry Mugler get-ups. Ciara was recently accused of jacking Beyoncé’s futuristic style (even though one could also argue Beyoncé stole Ciara's “If I Were a Boy” concept first, but we digress). “I would love to work with Jean Paul Gaultier. And Gareth Pugh is dope. They both give off that energy of where I’m at right now,” Ciara said. “My style is really superhero-inspired and I think Gaultier and Pugh really capture the power and the strength and the uniqueness.”

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