Subterannean-Lounge Trend Hits Pizza Parlour

The tiny lounges that’ve opened under restaurants have been mostly fun (think Broadway East/Beast, Casanis/Chloe, Bar Martignetti/Southside, Merkato 55/Bijoux, Bagatelle/RDV, and the lounges under Kingswood and Macao), but when one of them opens underneath a slice joint, you know the trend has gone too far. Then again, the Cabin Down Below, as it’s called, comes from the folks at Niagara (it’s underneath Pizza Shop), so we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. UrbanDaddy reports that the fireplace lair — currently open only to friends and family from Thursday through Saturday — will soon get outdoor patio seats.

The Secret Bar Below Pizza Shop [UrbanDaddy]

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