Speakeasy Alert: The Mysterious Rhum Rhum Room

NY Barfly digs up a description of a hidden bar off St. Marks Place, the Rhum Rhum Room, and wonders if it’s the latest Woodson and Ford.

Through the coconut wireless, the Beachbum had heard rumors of one particular members-only bar that offered 128 different brands of rum — mixed on request into the vintage tropical drink recipe of your choice.

Further down:

In a dark alley not far from St. Mark’s Place, Gina rang the buzzer next to a wrought-iron gate. It swung open and we entered the Rhum Rhum. Martin Denny music greeted us, with bird calls from live birds — an enormous macaw and two equally well-nourished Amazon parrots, whose cage took up half the room. The other half looked more like a rum museum than a rum bar. But a bar it was: every one of the umpteen bottles lining the walls, crowding the counters, and stacked on the stairs was there to be mixed, which proprietors Joe and Nicole Desmond wasted no time doing once we’d named our poison.

Don’t get too excited. A little googling reveals that the Rhum Rhum Room is merely the name of the Desmonds’ home bar — the same way Coleman’s Bar & Grill is nothing more than competitive-eater Crazy Legs Conti’s apartment. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

Is there a secret Rum bar in the East Village? [NY Barfly]

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