Someone Paid $2,025 for Shoes Sarah Palin Might Have Worn

A pair of Naughty Monkey shoes allegedly worn by Sarah Palin were auctioned off for $2,025 to an unknown bidder on eBay this week. The seller, who claims she's Sarah Palin's niece, will throw in autographed pictures of Palin wearing the shoes, plus a Sharpie that Palin used to sign stuff. Though the shoes usually only cost about $100, this pair is worth it because not only do they maybe come with Palin's skin cells, but she'll sign this special pair for the lucky bidder. No word on where that $2,025 is going, but it makes us wonder how much could be raised for charity by auctioning off that $180,000 wardrobe of hers that's sitting in trash bags. [KTUU via Heard on the Runway/WSJ]

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