Some Servers Enjoy Record Nights, Others Are Scratching at the Wall

Hannah Howard, the waitress who writes the “Served” column at Serious Eats, turns her attention to the economy in her most recent installment: “Last weekend, we didn't just beat our record for money made in a night — and for most pieces of cheese and glasses of wine sold — we smashed it.” But that doesn’t mean all is well: “The multitudes of drinkers and diners are spending a bit less money. With more checks and slightly lower check averages, we're holding more than steady.” She thinks it’s because her restaurant is reasonably priced and comfy — plus, with holiday parties being called off, more people are turning to the bar. But a friend at another fine-dining establishment tells her that “people are still spending plenty of money. But they are tipping less. A lot less.” And at an even fancier restaurant, the weeknights are uncomfortably slow. “It’s awful,” a server tells her. “We're scratching at the walls.” Eek.

Served: Good and Bad Times for Restaurants [Serious Eats]

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