Some DIY Tips From the Today Show You Should Avoid

Wow, it blends so well.

News flash: Money's tight. Your shopping budget is probably nonexistent. We can't remember the last time we went on a shopping jag. So how can we update our tired wardrobes? According to Bobbie Thomas, the style editor at the Today show, all you need are zippers, glue, and fringe. Bored with your skirt? Glue zippers on, at random. They don't even have to work! Or blend in with the fabric for that matter. And for the boho gals out there, Bobbie shows off a real gem: a black cardigan with brown fringe, yep, you guessed it, glued on. Look, we're all for saving money, but please don't do this to your clothes. You'll never wear them again, and you risk looking like a bad home-ec project. From afar, the clothes may seem fine, but these are total Monets. If you really want to save money, don't alter your clothes with one-off trends. Go for classic looks that will last through a few seasons. If you must be trendy, mix in new accessories. There, no glue involved.

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