Semi-Spoiler: Who Cooked the Top Chef Finale's Strongest Dish?

Tonight, MenuPages’ Chicago blog will be live-blogging the Top Chef finale, in case you just can’t wait till our Platt chat tomorrow. In the meantime, a video preview of the episode indicates the cheftestants will be asked to cook the best three-course “meal of their lives” in the kitchen of New Orleans’ treasured Commander’s Palace. Their fates will be determined by twelve judges — at least one of which will be Fabio per a preview photo that shows him at the judges' table.

Unless the editing is deceiving, this clip of the elimination indicates that Stefan cooked the strongest dish of the night. We’re thinking Bravo wouldn’t reveal such a thing if he was the actual winner. But let’s remember his glib expression. And the possible baldy bias. And check out how much play he gets in this season recap. Deep breaths, people. It’s almost that time.

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