Sarah Palin's Fancy Campaign Wardrobe Is Sitting in Trash Bags Right Now

Remember this time in our lives?

The Sarah Palin Wardrobegate of 2008 isn't quite over. The McCain campaign promised months ago that Palin's $180,000 campaign wardrobe would be donated to charity. Though Palin has returned all the clothes to the RNC, they're just sitting in trash bags at the RNC office in Washington, D.C., collecting dust, mothballs, and more ire. Sources tell NewMajority the items are "in the process" of being donated. They say they plan to inventory them and dole them out to various charities but would not reveal when or specify the charities. Palin's office in Alaska can't answer questions because they don't comment on issues related to the campaign. Meanwhile, major campaign donors, already angered by the $180,000 apparel figure, continue to stew, in the dark about how their money was spent.

We know how it goes when you have a big pile of clothes to give away — they sit in an obnoxious pile in the corner for months until you force your cheap, lazy ass to cart them to the Salvation Army in a cab. Maybe some lazy interns at the RNC are avoiding this loathsome task. But why oh why are the brand-new designer clothes in trash bags? Valentino, Elie Tahari, Escada — we know that stuff comes with free hanging bags. Flimsy and plastic-y though they may be, using those is better than treating that stuff like dead leaves and refuse.

Palin's $180,000 Campaign Clothes "Stuffed In Trash Bags" At RNC Headquarters: NewMajority [HP]

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